Calling all budding 'Willy Wonka's!

Yes you too can feel like you have won a golden ticket by joining us at our very own chocolate making factory! This summer the Somerset Chocolate Company are running fun chocolate making workshops and we’d love you to be a part of it!

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 chocolate making workshop at Somerset Chocolate Company


Ever dreamt of creating your very own design of chocolate bar? What would it look and taste like? Well now is the time for you to put those dreams into a super delicious chocolatey reality and join us at one of our exclusive chocolate making workshops. Our specialist chocolatier, Kellie, will tell you all about where chocolate comes from, play a chocolate quiz game with you, and then we’ll get to the most important part and we’ll all start tasting different flavours of chocolate! Scrumdiddlyumptious!


Once you are a fully-fledged chocolate expert (we’ll officially whizz you through this stage!) then it’s time for you to stir those senses (as well as the chocolate) and create your very own chocolate bar and chocolate lollipop.  We’ll have different flavours of chocolate for you to try before you get super creative using milk and white chocolate combinations. Perhaps you can come up with a new name for your very own chocolate bar? And you’ll be able to try out a variety of decoration techniques as well. It’s going to be lots of fun, and well, rather yummy too!

Bring some friends!

Our workshops are for groups of 4 so pick your most favourite chocolate-loving friends* and come as a group, or if you’d like to come along and join our other chocolate fans then that’s great too. All we ask is that a grown-up hangs around to supervise, after all we all know about the crazy happenings at chocolate factories (we don’t have any Oompa Loompah’s on site though!)

 children chocolate workshop. Somerset Chocolate Company

What, when and how?

The Somerset Chocolate Company cater for all tummies so we have dairy free options available. Our factory doors will open at 2pm and give you exclusive access to behind the scenes of all things chocolate for 2 hours! We are delighted to welcome you to our chocolatey world for £20 per child.

Goodie Bags

We like to send all budding chocolatiers home with their very own creations. Well done for making and designing your very own unique chocolate bar and lollipop! You’ll also be presented with a personalised certificate so you can proudly show off your new chocolatier skills! And as an added bonus for the adult which you’ve brought along, they’ll get a 10% discount on all chocolate purchases made in our shop that day.

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“Welcome my friends. Welcome to my chocolate factory.” — Willy Wonka

 *All children welcome from 6 years and above :)

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