Take a look at our range of delicious handmade artisan chocolates

Welcome to Somerset Chocolate …..

At Somerset Chocolate we create a range of delicious handmade artisan chocolates.

Great Taste means the world to us – and probably to you too. That is why we choose our chocolate wisely. It begins at the source with the love and passion of the cocoa farmers and finishes with the craft of our chocolatier

Their care for the soil, the forests and the earth make the cocoa trees thrive. Their craftmanship yields better cocoa beans, full of taste.

We make a choice to use chocolate that sides with the cocoa farmers in West Africa.

We are trying to be more considerate of our planet and so you will find that we are slowly changing our packaging to products that are easily biodegradable and compostable.

Enjoy our chocolate to the fullest, knowing that in every bite you will taste the unique taste of craftmanship.

An Honest Chocolate Tasting Evening

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Holiday Treats

I was excited to receive an email from Chris, owner of Mill Meadow Eco Homes (based in Somerset) asking to come and chat with him and his lovely wife Suzanne about my chocolates. So along i went...

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